Air Plants – The Indoor Plant That Is Simple To Care For

Many of us like having lots of plants throughout their house, and they also spend a lot of time worrying about them. The simple truth is that you should take careful care of your plants, but worrying is totally unnecessary. To be able to keep your plants and flowers happy, you do need to be careful about several things. One of these is actually watering. Most of the time, when a houseplant dies, it is due to too much water. Decide if the soil is dry enough for watering by conducting the finger test. Very often we appraise wrongly that water is necessary, based on the look of things. It is possible to know if the soil is too wet to water, by inserting your index finger into the soil up to the first joint.

You must find out what nutrients your plants need to be given. Different plants have different needs, like foliage plants needing lots of nitrogen. K2O is essential for blooming plant life. The period when they mature most vigorously is when it is important to feed your plants. You will find specific fertilizers for certain plants, like orchids and cacti, but other than that compost mixed with fertilizers, of the slow release type, are generally good. You likewise have to take into consideration how much light needed by plants. No sunshine is needed by Aspidistras or Sanseveria, therefore they can be placed away from windows. Plants that like semi-shade, like the spider plant, would love being placed by a window that never lets the sun through. The best is usually to adhere to the guidelines given on the labels of newly bought plants.

Warm or maybe cool temps are fine for most plants, as long as the temperatures don’t fluctuate too drastically. Gas heating isn’t good for plants, and quite a few can’t survive it. Determine what is best for your plants and locate them accordingly – a plant that likes warm weather will suffer if placed near an air conditioner. Several plants like a moist environment. Position these plants, pot and all, inside of a pot with a greater diameter, then plug the gap with small stones or dry organic matter which will enhance the humidity. Placing plants inside a group influences a micro-climate, which certain plants find beneficial. If the temperature happens to be high, it’s possible to spray the plants with a bit of water now and again. You can buy just about any type of air plant online.

Re-potting is required by some plants for them to cultivate optimally, so check whether any of your plants are like this. Some others don’t require re-potting, simply because they have a small root system, and others don’t want their roots disturbed at all. To see if re-potting is needed, turn your plants upside down – remove them from their pot by tapping on the pot to loosen the plant. You must re-pot when the only thing you see are roots. If you notice roots sticking out of the pot, you must also re-pot, or slice the offending bits off.